Write an about us page for a website

Why should I buy from you and not from your competitor? Introducing the founders by name and featuring the photos of them on the "About Us" page drives home the point that Nathan and Katie are -- as they so astutely put it -- "two individuals with a passion for creativity -- creativity makes us happy.

Some have long pink hair, others a bushy beard or big glasses. Thankfully, online stores can still match the personal touch of the best brick and mortar stores by doing one thing: For the right business, even a little humor could be just the thing to set you apart from the competition and make you memorable!

What sets you apart from everyone else? Not only do they have the standard company history, but they also include the history of the Ghurka soldiers they're named after, a detailed dissection of their logo and in-depth information about their manufacturing.

Then give them a quick pop quiz. That brings us to question two. Instead offer a straightforward presentation of the facts and figures. A great example of consistent branding. Many people skim text, pausing just long enough to get the gist and determine its relevance to their needs.

How to Write a Killer “About Us” Page

By describing its history and the companies that already invested there, such as Amazon or Volkswagen, to name a few. The details you provide in your copy will make your claims more memorable and believable.

This is your chance to let them peek behind the curtain and see what your team looks like. Was there some major turning point for your organization? Why is this such an important area to focus on?

25 Creative & Engaging Examples of About Us Pages

Below is the actual "About Us" page, which is a gem once you get there. Charts, logos, infographics or any other visual representations will make your page more attractive.

Update it as your company evolves and grows. As in real life, be authentic. Girlboss empowers them by providing the tools and connections they need to own their futures. To get the most out of your visuals, make sure you correctly optimize your images and videos.

Mold your About Us page into something as visually appealing as it is informative. Go ahead, give them a peek behind the scenes. Be conversational in your copywriting. Get some opinions from friends.

To have you sold, their About Us page greets you with the adorable mug of a bulldog. Show, Tell, and Brag A Little If it's all about trust and relationships, there's no better way to build both than by posting testimonials or listing big-name clients you've partnered with.

Those are the five things I look for when evaluating a business or personal About page. Finally, include relevant links. There are two simple questions to ask of every page, and the specifics of optimizing those pages will flow from the answers to those two questions.

Easy to navigate and accessible on any device.Aug 31,  · You know you’re about to hop on a journey when a website’s About Us page tells you to “Just go.” This is a website for travelers, so the layout is perfect for those eager to fmgm2018.com: Alexander Kesler.

An About Us page helps your company make a good first impression, and is critical for building customer trust and loyalty. An About Us page should make sure to cover basic information about the store and its founders, explain the company's purpose and how it differs from the competition, and encourage discussion and interaction.

How to build your About Us page Creating an About Us page should be relatively easy. With Volusion’s ecommerce software, editing your About Us page is as easy as it can be.

For example, Thomas, who just returned from a day speaking tour on better Web marketing, told her dozen or so employees to write their own bios for her company's About Us page.

For example, Thomas, who just returned from a day speaking tour on better Web marketing, told her dozen or so employees to write their own bios for her company's About Us page. In the action of website creation, the “About Us” page is unfortunately ignored, which is one amongst the most significant and worthy pages in a website.

The “About Us” page plays a very earnest role in a website.

Write an about us page for a website
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