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Recent applications of ion sensors have come through advances in sensor design, material improvements and progress in software innovations. Moreover, crystalline and amorphous nanoparticles of [Fe 6-mepy 3tren] PF6 2 have also been studied.

Additionally, ALIX overexpression induces the endosomal accumulation of ubiquitinated proteins, providing evidence that the sorting of several specific transmembrane proteins depends on ALIX.

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The act should consist of an exposure by the doctoral student of the research work performed, the methodology employed, the results and the conclusions, with particular mention of his or her original contributions.

Due to the fact that the outputs of the complex phenomena experiments, scenarios are usually visualized by various categories of users, it is important to present this information in an easy to understand manner, such as: Chapter 6 concerns functionalization of LDH clay with biocompatible polyelectrolyte, heparin.

The effect of intramolecular factors, e. In the event that the defence of the doctoral thesis is not authorised within a maximum period of five working days following the adoption of the agreement, the Doctoral School should inform the doctoral student and the thesis supervisor or supervisors and tutor of the agreement, providing a reasoned report.

Infrared and Raman spectroscopy in the far-infrared range are suitable for investigating the vibrational modes of the Au-S bonds. In addition to recurrent infection, CGD patients are also more prone to develop autoimmunity. Hydration properties such as coordination number of water molecules around cations and distances between cations and oxygen water molecules are extracted from our calculation and compared to previous results obtained experimentally and theoretically.

The studies are carried out by the use of several steady-state and time-resolved UV-VIS spectroscopic techniques, mainly in liquid solutions. The Hofmann clathrate [Fe pz Pt CN 4], which is very well known for its excellent spin-crossover properties, since it shows a very cooperative transition around room temperature, and the [Fe n-Bu-im 3 tren ] PF6 2 compound, for which two different thermal spin crossover behaviors have been observed depending on the scan rate of the temperature.

It starts with a short presentation of the failure of linear-response time-dependent density functional theory and is followed by the results of two projects involving the computation of charge-transfer like excitations.

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The second part highlights the problem of computing charge transfer excitations. In order to overcome these limitations and gain more fundamental knowledge about processes and sensing mechanisms, we focused our attention on the development of such materials that would allow us to bring our goals to the successful completion.

Its mission was to solve the needs of taxpayers, and act as a bridge between the business community and society.

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This document should be signed by the doctoral student and the thesis supervisor or supervisors. In addition, the development and characteristics of a fluorescence up-conversion set-up offering sub fs temporal resolution is also presented.

Au25 SR 18 clusters were protected with chiral thiolate ligands and the induced Cotton effects are ligand-dependent. Bioluminescence was used as the source of photons to enable Ru II photocatalysis via BRET, for the release of small molecules at biological effective concentrations.

Two Pd atoms and mutiple Ag atoms doped Au38 were synthesized, separated and their dopant location were determined. Inhalf of the hotel was transformed into residential apartments. This predicts chirality for Au40 SR Electron transfer reactions, in particular photoinduced symmetry-breaking charge separation, which is a key step in photosynthesis, were of the main interest.

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First experiments suggest a significant, but minor influence of the chiral ligand on the CD spectra and a drastically enhanced stability against thermally induced inversion compared to Au38 SCH2CH2Ph 24, making the BINAS-substituted Au38 cluster a suitable canditate for catalytic applications.

Als zoon van een moeder die Scheikundig Ingenieur is en een vader als Arts, had hij op jonge leeftijd al belangstelling voor Natuurwetensch appen.

This photophysical phenomenon originates from the fluctuations and rearrangement of solvent molecules around the electronically excited chromophore.

In this study, we show that in wild-type SOP, an asymmetry of cortical actin is built during division, with more cortical actin in the bigger PIIA daughter. The work presented in this thesis suggests that both classes of compound may be applied in the future as biological probes using second harmonic generation.

The aim of this thesis was to study this role.

Aportul metodelor electrofiziologice în diagnosticul şi tratamentul sindroamelor de preexcitatie

The first is the multi-walled carbon nanotubes modified with alkyl group for fabrication of solid contact electrodes for on-line and in-situ potentiometric detection of environmental anions e. In the event that the thesis is submitted as a compendium of publications, the following electronic files should also be attached to the application form: Laura Gagliardi New methods to treat strongly correlated systems archive ouverte unige: Specific techniques need to be used to study interfaces and, here, surface second harmonic generation was employed.REZUMAT TEZĂ DE DOCTORAT ABSTRACT OF THE PhD THESIS CERCETĂRI PRIVIND IMPACTUL PREGĂTIRII PROFESIONALE ÎN DOMENIUL ANTREPRENORIATULUI RESEARCH ON THE IMPACT OF CONTRACTING acestei teze de doctorat, pentru încrederea acordată, îndrumarea şi.

A doctoral thesis may be jointly tutored by the UdG and a foreign university, by means of an agreement, with the purpose of creating and developing scientific cooperation between the research teams from the two institutions and facilitating the mobility of the doctoral students.

ii „Dunărea de Jos” University of Galați Doctoral School of Mechanical and Industrial Egineering Ph.D. THESIS (ABSTRACT) Modern GIS techniques for determination of.

HABILITATION THESIS ABSTRACT This Habilitation Thesis highlights in a coherent manner the research achievements and prospects of the author after the public defense of the doctoral Microsoft Word - teza de abilitare - rezumat fmgm2018.com Author: Ienciu Created Date.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS It is a pleasure to thank the many people how made this thesis possible.

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First and foremost, I would like to express my deepest thanks to my supervisor Prof. Dr. Lucrarea de doctorat: Teza (Thesis) Rezumat scurt: The availability of large volume of spatial data, broadband Internet access, high storage and processing capability devices, and the Web technologies accelerate the usage of geographic information into our daily lives.

Teza de doctorat thesis
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