Research paper on the increase of asthma in children

It causes to narrow the airways so it feels like your breathing through a straw.

Essay Paper on Asthma

Some of the triggers can be caused from allergies, infections, and strong odors or fumes that come from your house. Some medications probably work better for some types of asthma than others. You should try to get rid of all the triggers out of your house as you can such as animals, smoking, odors, etc.

The goal is to find the safe dose range and study the side effects and safety of a medication. The usual form of control for asthma is bronchiodilators and corticosteriods. Inner-city children in Chicago and New York have quite high rates of asthma, despite unhygienic living.

And there is inflammation, which the airways are swollen and irritated and become more irritated when the attack happens. Children from dirtier East Germany, she was shocked to find, had dramatically less asthma than their West German counterparts living in cleaner, more modern circumstances.

That can help you have fewer symptoms. Allergic asthma, the most common type, affects one in six people with asthma in the U. If it is left untreated you will have asthma attacks or may cause long term loss of lung function. Evidence in support of this hypothesis comes from a recent study conducted in Japan.

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In fact, the same factors that the hygiene hypothesis suggests protect people from developing allergic asthma may cause them to develop nonallergic asthma. That same year Erika von Mutius, an epidemiologist at Munich University, was looking into the effect of air pollution on asthma in what was then East and West Germany.

What is the best way to diagnose each type of asthma? And some studies are beginning to show that far from protecting children from asthma, respiratory infections in early childhood may actually be a risk factor for it.

In addition, research showed that the relation between asthma and allergy is not at all straightforward. Some of the triggers can be caused from allergies, infections, and strong odors or fumes that come from your house. Presumably because the children drank unpasteurized milk and handled livestock, they have different strains of normal bacteria in their airways that are somehow more protective than those found in city kids.

We will help you to create perfect research paper on any topic. To the extent that the immune system is called upon to fight certain types of infections, such as tuberculosis, measles, and whooping cough, it is unable to direct its attention at the same time to "fighting" the allergens that we breathe in.

Feature Articles Chapter Certain popular explanations — like worsening air quality — do not stand up to close examination. The airways also get tighter and they can get congested due to a build up of mucus.

N Engl J Med. Besides the hygiene hypothesis, what can explain the increase in asthma rates? According to the CDC, "the greatest rise in asthma rates was among black children almost a 50 percent increase from through Smoking, dust mites, most pets, cock roaches, indoor and outdoor mold, strong odors, sprays, and pollen.

Asthma affects people of all ages, but it most commonly starts in childhood. If you want to get involved in clinical trials for asthma, you can learn more here: When an asthma attack happens constriction happens, which is when the muscles tighten around the airways in the lungs.

Subscribe By providing your email address, you are agreeing to our privacy policy. Asthma will last for the rest of your life.

See an allergist or asthma specialist for an individual asthma action plan, who can provide you with safe ways of exercising and living a normal life with asthma.

Except children can usually out grow it. Other suggested causes include a rise in sedentary lifestyle, which could affect lung strength, and the rise in obesity, which increases inflammation throughout the body. The treatment is usually using inhalers which help open up the air ways in your lungs prescribed by doctors and getting rid of the triggers in your house plus seeing your doctor.

Corticosteriods on the other hand are now considered the first line of treatment for patients with severe and chronic asthma. Due to the fact that release of mediators from mast cells in asthma is IgE-E dependent one approach would be to block the activation of IgE using blocking antibodies that do not result in mast cells.

Balancing Act The hygiene hypothesis was first described in by David P.There are striking global variations in the prevalence of asthma symptoms in children, with an up to fold difference between countries [1, 5].

Asthma in Children

Although asthma has a high burden in children, the relative importance of asthma impact increases with age and is particularly apparent in elderly, especially in. How to Begin a Research Paper on Asthma. Research papers on Asthma reveal that it is a chronic lung condition with ongoing airway inflammation that results in recurring acute episodes of breathing problems such as: Asthma makes children miss million school days each year.

and Serevent Diskus may increase the possibility of severe. Free asthma papers, essays, and research papers. My Account. Your search The Effects of Environmental Tobacco Smoke Among Children with Asthma - This paper will discuss the effects of Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS) or known as Second Hand Smoke (SHM) among children.

The Effects of Increase Carbon Dioxide on Children. The American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology is a research paper sms professional medical organization of more than 6, allergists-immunologists and allied health.

Researchers pooled How to write introduction to research paper data from eight. Research paper ASTHMA There seems to be an increase in the chronic disease of asthma all over the world, especially also in children. Asthma is a serous disease and can not be cured, but can be controlled.

Essay Paper on Asthma

In this paper I will tell you about the history, the symptoms, diagnosing the disease and how to control asthma. Stay informed about the latest research on asthma and allergic diseases.

Research paper on the increase of asthma in children
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