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Lorraine is the author of Thin[K] Program: The first phase identifies your goals as a business writer. How does your Search Engine Optimization work? Should inexperienced writers even bother trying when so many experienced writers have established themselves?

Use the knowledge and implement the skills you learn so readers can find you and read you. She originated the concept of Anger-obics, and developed the majority of the Anger-obics exercises in the book.

One of these things is not like the others. Her coaching encourages excellence, and her support shows me ways to be flexible and to deal with the inevitable obstacles a writer encounters. She taught me tactics and strategies building layer upon layer of revision.

Lots of options listed in the article for how to take dictation or record for transcription. Importantly, she provides insight as to how you might re-VISION your manuscript, to help you see new possibilities that will improve and enhance your final version. She has taught writing and creativity workshops throughout New England and in the Caribbean since Level 3 Week 13 Solutions Focused Coaching — this approach is particularly powerful for clients who are struggling to make any progress, and may have suffered significant trauma.

Pleaase call Jennifer or Mary who will be pleased to help you. I have found her to be generous with her time, suggestions about time management and the writing life, and the nuts and bolts of the process of getting a book published. Coach School is housed on a robust platform and with your enrollment you will access your own learning portal where you will be able to review your training materials at your leisure, as well as receive individualised feedback on your coursework, plus any future additional material and bonuses.

Find articles on your most pressing book-writing questions. After coaching, I write faster. Lisa works hard to find top notch editors of high integrity—and at different price ranges depending on your budget. Because she is like many business owners, she had never broken down the sales, costs and profits per item sold.

Facebook Learn the uses and best practices for writing business-related content on Facebook. Do I have to sign a contract? So let me rephrase myself. You write a line or two and it feels convoluted. What if we must rely entirely on memory for material? Some are all business.

Her success begins to spread and before long news agencies are wanting to interview her to find out how she became so successful. Expand your author platform.

Week 10 Transformational Coaching — … coaching for high performers. Lisa Tener is an enthusiastic advocate for the power of the written word to transform careers, businesses and people.

Here are some more courses available at Midlands Training: Self study can be hard.

Are you ready to become a masterful coach?

My business is different, how can you help me?This writing podcast from Ann Kroeker, Writing Coach, keeps episodes short and focused on offering practical tips and motivation for writers at all stages.

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Please try another search. Database Web Developer (2 open positions). The Business Writing Coach (Teach Yourself) [Patrick Forsyth] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. By the end of this book you will have be ready to lead at a higher level Discover your writing strengths and weaknesses Understand the key types of business writing Develop your skills Get the details right Make a positive impact on your business Other books help you talk.

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To get GREAT results with your marketing, website, SEO, sales and HUGE boosts in your staff's productivity, call Tulsa business coach Tim Redmond and his remarkable team of coaches at for your insightful Business Evaluation.

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Meet with a Business Coach. Whether you are thinking about starting a new business, expanding an existing one, or looking for perspective on a new idea, there is a coach at the National Entreprenuer Center that can help.

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