An introduction to the luddites

Frame-breaking has a long history, but it was usually associated with industries where new technology was undermining the livelihoods of those who worked the old machines. Bythe Governor of the British East India Company wrote, "The misery hardly finds a parallel in the history of commerce.

He went to the extreme by bombing several places in order to promote his anti-technological view.


Inmachine-breaking became a crime punishable by death and 17 men were executed the following year. Luddites objected primarily to the rising popularity of automated textile equipment, threatening the jobs and livelihoods of skilled workers as this technology allowed them to be replaced by cheaper and less skilled workers.

This enabled working people to present demands in a way that protected individuals from possible employer retaliatory action had they known the identity of those involved. These trials were certainly intended to act as show trials to deter other Luddites from continuing their activities.

Lord Byron was very involved and aware of the Luddite situation taking place in the 's. Although the plight of the workers caught in the technological transition won some sympathy, by the rebellion led by Ned Ludd ended at the gallows for many of its leaders.

Subsequently the term has come to refer to anyone or any group of people who oppose the introduction of new machinery, or new technical equipment. The government sent thousands of troops to the areas where there had been trouble.

Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, Which is exactly what happened. Who were the Luddites and what did they want? Each song has sources where the author of the page received the song. Its terms and conditions were to last for two years in the first instance.

The Luddites were not afraid of technology and did not attempt to eliminate technology out of fear. The Luddites An early 19th century engraving showing frame-breaking in progress.

I am therefore directed to give Notice That for the maintenance of the Public Peace in order to enable them to give immediate protection to the property of their fellow tradesmen, the magistrates have taken effectual means by which an adequate Civil and military Force can be assembled and brought to the immediate Assistance of any Person or Persons in the Town whose person or property may be in danger.

The Luddites have been described as people violently opposed to technological change and the riots put down to the introduction of new machinery in the wool industry. They smashed stocking frames and cropping frames among others. Luddites would argue that social well-being could have been better-served.

Many others were transported as prisoners to Australia. On 22 DecemberDiggle, with William Burton and two other men named Henfrey and Wolley, had gone on a framebreaking expedition to the house of Mr Kerrey who resisted.

They began in Nottinghamshire in and quickly spread throughout the country, especially to the West Riding of Yorkshire and Lancashire inand also to Leicestershire and Derbyshire. For example, while the while the Spinning Jenny was beneficial to the textile industry, it also put several spinners out of business.

Technological unemployment

Look how much better thing are now. Although the proceedings were legitimate jury trials, many were abandoned due to lack of evidence and 30 men were acquitted. InWhitney also patented the first musket with interchangeable parts - the very muskets used by British soldiers smashing the hands of Indian weavers and winders.

The message has to be clear and compromise is to be distrusted. For their part, the employers were suffering as much in the trade depression as the knitters, and they wanted to maximise output in order to keep up their sales income.

Perhaps more than any other social movement, Luddism epitomizes the complex nexus between technology and culture. The notion of working out how much the materials cost them, how much work they did, and how much profit they made would have been alien to them, and indeed to most people of that time, Thompson holds.

At the same time, the general thrust meant that Luddism could flourish in different contexts between the east midlands, Lancashire and Yorkshire, despite the absence of a common agenda.

The Luddites were not the first group of workers to face problems at the beginning of the nineteenth century. Some vain desires are extremely easy to satisfy nowadays.

Are you a Luddite?

This cartoon represents the views of the modern day Luddites. Many Luddites members were not ready to give up their lives, therefore they abandoned the group. It contains meaning to their attacks and when they acted.

The term referred to a leader, and could be assumed by anyone leading a group of frame breakers. The government sent thousands of troops to the areas where there had been trouble. There does not seem to have been any political motivation behind the Luddite riots and there was no national organization.Chapter 2: The Luddite Fallacy W e are in England, at the end of the 18th century.

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A boy named Ned Ludd is a weaver from the village of Anstey, just outside Leicester. The Luddites were an organised group of skilled workers who protested against the introduction of new machinery which threatened their position of relative privilege.

Luddism in Nineteenth-Century Literature Literature written in response to the Luddite revolt and resulting movement by workers against the English textile factories that displaced. Leaders should expect to face luddites, people who aren’t naturally tech-savvy, and naysayers whose knee-jerk reaction is to oppose new things.

“There are always some people who have their. The Luddite movement Organization of handicraftsmen in 19th century England. Contrary to general belief the Luddites ("the Ludds") did not oppose the introduction of machines but tried to stop the decline of the prices that forced them to work longer and longer hours.

What marks the Luddites out was that they were better organised than their predecessors, she says. One who opposes the introduction of new technology.

An introduction to the luddites
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